Values and vision

 Values and ethos statement:

Our ‘ Values’ are a set of consistent principles that reflect common human decency and good citizenship, which align the ‘moral compass’ of every child and adult in our delightful school. This  guide enables us to confidently navigate the British and global societies in which we live, and be respectful, responsible and trustworthy citizens with true integrity.

The above will be demonstrated by:

100% of teaching being good or better in all subjects.

Attainment of all cohorts exceeding national averages in all subjects and at all levels.

Progress being positive by the end of KS2 in all core subjects.

Pupils’ books will demonstrate pride and a positive attitude towards in their work.

Teachers will demonstrate a love of the subjects they teach through the lessons they plan and deliver.

When questioned, pupils will be overwhelmingly positive about their learning and experiences at Chandag Junior School.


To empower our pupils to flourish academically alongside the nurture of their social and emotional well - being.

The above will be demonstrated by:

Providing a curriculum that is engaging and challenges all pupils.

Create an environment for learning that is safe, supportive and sets high expectations.

Ensure all adults act as excellent role models.

Implement an effective THRIVE Programme to promote emotional intelligence, resilience and a respect for all people.

Establish and maintain respectful and purposeful relationships with parents and carers.


To cultivate resilience and increase their confidence whilst shaping a knowledgeable understanding of their local and cultural heritage within the wider world and their place and influence within it as a global citizen.

Plan a curriculum that is broad and covers the National Curriculum.

Develop a curriculum that is progressive in terms of the knowledge, skills and concepts it develops.

Ensure the curriculum builds on prior knowledge and skills whilst challenging the pupils in terms of their ‘new’ learning.

The curriculum will be relevant and rely on a rich diet of first hand experiences.

Give all pupils the opportunity to reflect on their learning, understand what and why they are being exposed to the content and have clarity around their next steps.



Our aim is to establish the highest standards of behaviour possible to facilitate positive learning and attitudes for our pupils within an environment which reflects this. As such, we strive to make Chandag Junior School a safe and happy place which is welcoming, caring and supportive to enable positive learning experiences for all, and for our pupils to flourish personally, socially, and academically.

We value:

  • Respect our environment, ourselves as well as other people, including tolerance of difference.
  • Resilience sticking at it even when it is tough.
  • Responsibility making sensible choices with our attitudes and behaviours.


Vision and mission statement:

We aim to achieve excellence in teaching and learning in order to ensure that each child achieves their full potential. We do this by exciting a desire to learn and by responding in a way that delights and inspires the learner.



Remote education

Assessment data

Published end of KS2 assessment data - please review our three-year trend and latest results: 



Pupil Premium reports

The pupil premium is additional funding for publicly funded schools in England.

It's designed to help disadvantaged pupils of all abilities perform better, and close the gap between them and their peers. More detailed information is available from the DfE website.

Our reports show the impact of our interventions and how we have diminished the differences between the performance of children qualifying for the additional funding and other children in our school. 

All documets are PDF files and can be opened using Adobe Reader which is free and can be downloaded here.


Sport and PE premium funding

All schools receive additional funding from the government, to support the development of sport and PE across their establishment. Funding must be used to facilitate additional and sustainable improvements to the provision of PE and Sport within the school, and to encourage healthy and active lifestyles. More information can be found on the PE and sport premium for primary schools website.

All documents are Pdf files and can be opened using Adobe Reader.


Special educational needs and disability (SEND)

Please find the details of our local offer in response to the Governments request for all schools to publish their SEND provision. 

For more information: